Nano Towels Can Be Fun For Anyone

Nano Towels Use A Revolutionary New Textile Modern Technology That Cleans With Just Water, Changes Expensive Paper Towels & Hazardous Cleaners, as well as Can Help You Conserve Hundreds Each Year While Making Your Home Safer, Healthier & Greener.

NanoTowels with Nanolon fiberThe NanoTowels ® Give You Significant Household Savings, Benefit the Health Of You as well as Your Family, Are Easy and More Convenient To Use, Will Clean Just As Good As the Toxic Chemicals, and also Offer Big Environmental Benefits.

What Can I Use the Nano Towels ® For?
The NanoTowels ® could be used in lots of various ways. When cleaning, just use the NanoTowels by themselves instead of paper towels and chemicals.
Utilize it wet or dry, and see the myriad of means development nanotechnology and also our exclusive Nanolon ® fibers could help you clean your home better, maintain your health and help save your cash (as well as the setting).

What Is Nanolon ® Fiber?
Nanolon ® fiber is an unique and innovative material innovation that is thousands of times better compared to one human hair, having virtually 100,000 Nanolon ® fibers each square inch. It records fluid, dirt, dust and grime like a magnet, and without toxic chemicals. You can use it to tidy and completely dry virtually any surface without paper towels and also without poisonous chemicals. When it comes to be unclean, you simply wash it and utilize it
once more.

No Chemicals At All.
The NanoTowels are particularly made to give optimum cleansing with only water, and also are so simple to use. Merely spray or wipe the area to be cleansed with water, clean with the NanoTowel and aficionado dry with the completely dry side (or utilize another completely dry NanoTowel). You will then have a tidy surface that is truly tidy, since it is complimentary of chemical residue. Even challenging to clean surface areas like stainless steel home appliances and glass come totally tidy as well as streak-free making use of just NanoTowels as well as water. These unique towels are much easier as well as a lot more practical to utilize, much more efficient, much safer for your wellness as well as amazingly much less expensive.

Home chemicals are the # 1 leading outside and also preventable cause for health issues and death in American families. Simply having them in your home in any type of amount may enhance the threat that you or a person you love could get seriously sick or also pass away in read more your very own residence.

BIG Savings. The expense of cleansing chemicals and paper towels really accumulate in time. Paper towels cost as much as $3 each roll as well as each name brand name cleansing chemical is $4-$ 5 per bottle. Just how large of a damage is this placing in your home budget plan? If you're like the average American, it runs numerous hundred bucks a year, and also a lot extra if you have a big household. As the price of the raw products for these products continuously rise, so do your annual costs. An one-time acquisition of the NanoTowels could eliminate these long
term expenses from your spending plan, as well as allow you to save a considerable amount of cash over the long-term.

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